I recorded this set of 30 videos for National Novel Writing Month in 2014. This video series walks you through the process of writing a novel in thirty parts, using three-act structure as a foundation for plotting as you write.

I’ve used this plot-as-you-go method to help both plotters and pantsers write first drafts of their novels. I’m a plotter myself, and created this system as a way of helping myself write under deadline pressure.

The plot-as-you-go system uses questions to help you dig into each section of your story, so that you have strong external and internal arcs that advance the plot in every scene.

You can use this course in two ways:

  1. Come up with a premise, then watch each day’s lesson and write your scene(s) for that day using the prompts.
  2. Watch the entire series of videos first and plot your novel using the prompts, then write the entire draft from your outline

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